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“Stay away from malicious gossip and fake words" (Qur'an 68;11).

Community Volunteers to help Clean Cold Lake Mosque after Vandalism

Mosque racist graffiti

Dozens of community members in Cold Lake, Alta. came together on Friday afternoon to clean up a local mosque after it was vandalized.

The vandalism at the mosque, which included smashed windows and racist messages, was discovered Friday morning. The words “Go home” were written multiple times across the outside of the building in red spray paint.

Volunteers on Friday afternoon cleaned up the façade and removed the racist scrawlings. A poster with the phrase “Love your neighbour” was also seen in a window.


Mosque board member Mahmoud Elkadri said he spotted the vandalism when he arrived to open the doors for prayers. Elkadri has lived in Cold Lake since 1996.

“My kids saw it and they started crying and I said: ‘Why are you crying?’ They said: ‘We were born here and raised here and this is our home,’” Elkadri told The Canadian Press.

Elkadri doesn’t believe the vandalism is linked to any anti-Muslim sentiment.

“I am very sure whoever did this could be just a drunk random person at nighttime or it could be … someone not from Cold Lake,” he said.

image (1)


Read the full story here: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/volunteers-help-clean-vandalism-from-cold-lake-mosque-1.2069668

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