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“Stay away from malicious gossip and fake words" (Qur'an 68;11).

New Video – Accusing and Slandering in Surah Nur

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New Video – Accusing and Slandering in Surah Nur

This passage has a very beneficial story behind it. The first 10 verses were revealed concerning the people who slandered and accused Aisha (ra) of committing adultery. To keep the story short, once when she was travelling with the Prophet (saw) and the companions, they stopped to take rest before arriving at Madinah. Aisha (ra) went to answer the call of nature and was left behind by the people. They thought she was with them. So when she came back to realize everyone left, she remained there thinking someone would come to help. 

A companion named Safwan bin Al-Mu’attal originally left later than everyone on their journey and found Aisha (ra). They both arrived at Madinah together and the people started spreading lies and accusations. Aisha (ra) was extremely hurt and would cry day and night. It was a very tough time for her, and there was no revelation for about a month. Finally Allah revealed 10 verses about her and restored her innocence. 

Listen to this recitation to discover how Allah honoured Aisha (ra) and addressed the slanderers. The main moral of this story and the verses is to never accuse someone of any shameful deed and spread it to other people. Many times, our negative perceptions are totally off from reality. Someone may seem to be doing something wrong but actually wasn’t. Also, rumours and news will always come to you, never believe and spread them. Always verify any news before believing it.

Hope this video benefits you. 

(Source for Story: Tafsir Ibn Kathir)

2 comments on “New Video – Accusing and Slandering in Surah Nur

  1. Amina Muridi
    July 16, 2014

    Subhanallahhhh. Those Ayaat gave me goosebumps. And I knew the tafseer behind it and the story of when Aa’ishah (radi Allaho 3anhaa) got slandered and Allah revealed those verses. Subhanallahhhh May Allah protect you from evil eye bro!

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